Stock Software

Stock Software for Ghana

Manage Stock Information for your products
and or goods, records customer purchases,
keep customer information and order paterns,
know stock levels at all times,
get full reports on stock movements, inflow and outflow,
monitor all your warehouse depots,
generate receipts and keep records of it,
create users and monitor all their activies

Simple to Setup and Use, Use for one or more Shop, store, warehouse , Do you want it customized to do other things as well, that is easy as well. Lets Talk About it

most businesses choose us because unlike other companies selling software that is developed outside Ghana that cannot be edited to suit your business, ours is developed here in Ghana, so we are able to take the list of things you want the software to do and then make changes to the software to do just that.

Because we understand that every business is different and has certain unique ways of doing things, this software has been built in flexible way that allows us to customize it to do certain things that will fit the way your business operates.

Just call us and let us know the list of things you want the software to do for you and we will give you just that.

Why Choose to use our Stock Software over others?

What makes our Stock Software different from others?

Features of the Software.

It comes with four main login account types: Admin, Warehouse Manager, Sales Manager , Cashier

  • Admin Login Features

    1. Can Oversee all activities of other accounts like ( Sales Manager, Warehouse Manager, Cashier )

    2. Approve all pending stocks added by the warehouse manager when goods are received

    3. Create user accounts for other workers to perform specific task

    4 Can Delete, Edit and Add products, stocks, customer information and other tasks

    5. Get Full Reports on movements of stock, From Arrival of stock to issueing of stock to customers

    6. Get customer order history and patterns

    7. Check user log to see who did what and at what time

  • Ware House Manager

    1. Can Receive stock information and enter it for approval by admin

    2. Can issue stock to customer after the cashier has entered the payment details for that client

  • Sales Manager

    1. Can monitor the stock issues and balances for the company vans and marketing exectives who get stock issued to them

    2. Get customer information and order patterns

  • Cashier

    1. Can enter customer order information - this information is sent to the warehouse manager to issue stock